Thursday, October 6, 2016

Testing Instagram Embedding

This is a test of the embed code from instragram. I might write more about the #ootd here.  I don't know. Maybe.

This blog's not dead. Yet.

The last few years have been um....interesting.  Some good.  Lots of bad.

The blog is coming back.

Watch this space.

Doing more with Instagram right now.

You missed me right?

Thursday, December 20, 2012

What's up...

After that little spurt of posts, once again, my life, or lack thereof, gets in the way. 

So let's see what's new...

My job was eliminated.  Actually my entire org chart top to bottom.  Wiped clean.  Many still have "jobs".  I use that loosely.  We come in manage a few things that are left and wait for our fate.  My fate will be second to last to be decided.  As much as I think I have crawled up the corp ladder, I seem to be just above the vat of trickle down in which I used to reside.  My inner corporate go getter appears to not have a fuck to give anymore.  Sad.  I rather liked the game.

This has led to countless hours of thought on leadership and what does that mean.  It's not just making the decision. It's rousing the troops.  Even the ones that don't know their fate.  Moving toward a goal.  A vision.  Oh wait, don't get me started on vision.  I don't have a enough finger dexeterity to keep up with my mind on that one. 

Anyway, where I am going with this... oh yeah, I hate being twarted.  I am a person with a plan.  I set goal, go after, get, set new goal.  They might be small goals or large, but sitting around waiting is KILLING ME.  To make my time go a little faster and make some income to help with potential unemploment, I started a business again.

I have come to the realization, perhaps the acceptance, that making money makes me very happy.  I love it. It drives me.  Call me a souless greedy bastard. I am just being honest.  But if I have to list hobbies, discovering, decorating, designing,  and making money are definitely in the top.  Garage sale, salary, or commission.  I relish it.  Surprising it doesn't begin with a "d".

Years ago I sold Pampered Chef.  I really love their products and enjoyed it.  I only stopped when travel and work got in the way.  Last month my PC director who I have remained friends with, invited me to see Jewels by Park Lane.  She was interested in starting this and wanted my opinion.  I hadn't thought of doing something like TPC again but after running in to so many people who I had sold PC alongside and remembering all the stupid fun we had going to convention together and having a really rewarding business, I was pining for that. 

Jewely is something that I just love.  It doesn't matter if it's $2 from a thrift, $10 from a vendor in Hong Kong, $100 from an artist or $100000 in Harry Winston.  I love it.  I have most of the jewelry I have ever bought or received in my life.  I have a passion for it.  Just wait for my estate sale.  You are going to flip out at the jewelry. 
One of my style muses. 
I could use some tiaras to add to the collection.
Kate really needs to get in on some tiara action.

When I saw this opportunity, their jewelry and its quality, coupled with the possiblity of have an extra income, stupid amounts of fun, and on top get more jewelry, I was sold.  I signed up as did several other people I knew.  For me, it's akin to getting the band back together.

I just finished my first month and been playing around with this more than PC.  Honestly I don't cook.  I will never be a cook.  I love food.  I love cookbooks.  I love to read them.  But there is something about cooking that I just don't get.  I don't have the cooking gene.  It's like chess.  I know how to play.  I know what the little guys do.  But really?  I just don't get it.  It's just not in my fiber.  I do enjoy baking and other domestic things.  Cooking, no.  I like to eat other peoples food.  Eating what I just made usually just depresses me. 

This business has led to me making style boards on polyvore again.  I find those so insanely relaxing. Looking for a bit of inspiration whether it be the jewelry, a shoe, a person, and I build a look to promote the jewelry.  Hence, the blog gets more posts again.  Win win.  I get something to occupy my mind and it's desire to plan and execute and my blog gets fodder. 


Go Glam or Go home.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

A New/Old Post

I  have been cleaning out my office and files in prep for the purge aka as restructuring.  Not one to wait until the announcement, I am removing personal effects, deleting old crap I no longer refer to and updating the resume to be ready for anything. 

In my purging of some old files that I didn't even know existed, I found some blog post started in Word while I was prepping for my HK trip.

So I thought I'd post them and then comment on how things really worked out. 

Hong Kong prep.

I decided since my life might be more than get up and go to work-come home-watch TV-sleep-rinse-repeat for awhile I would start blogging again.  I just can’t fathom blogging the mundane.  And really I am too old to do Forever 21, H&M/Ulta/ebay haul videos.  Aren’t I? 
So the big news is I finally get to go to Hong Kong and China for work, but not just for a meeting, but actually to work there for 2 months.  I am pretty excited.  I had about 5 minutes of nervousness but then I just channel the inner Indiana Jones and think…it’s big like New York but with better weather and authentic exoticness.  This is a good thing.

Everyone assumes that I am thrilled because of the shopping, but that’s exciting yes, but I am getting pickier about what I purchase nowadays so it’s more quality over quantity, so my shopping is more looking for inspiration and finding my style in vintage and thrift.  So shopping will happen but probably not to the extent that many think. 
I am going to eat my way around Hong Kong.  There’s just so much to try.  Dim sum alone offers enough options for several weeks!  Some of my to do’s include:
  • Eat a durian.  Or at least try it.  I know, it smells like gym socks.  But I love fruit.
  • Pick a fish or a pee shrimp(I am thinking pee shrimp) out of a tank at a market and go have it made for me.
  • Cantonese BBQ
  • Drink tea. Lots of tea.  If I can borrow a bird in a cage and sit in the bird park, even better.

It was exactly like an Indiana Jones version of NYC.  Maybe not so much HK island.  That was just very NYC but bigger and nicer.  But Kowloon where i lived and worked was definitely very Chinese and I hardly heard English.  I loved it.  I miss it so much.  I feel homesick in a way. 

I did not eat a durian.  I never saw any for sale, not even in the markets.  I did eat dragon fruit which tastes like a very light banana flavor. 

I did eat a fish or two.  Straight from the tank.  I didn't actually choose the fish but they are definitely fresh and quite tasty that way. Just steamed.  Wonderful flavour. 

BBQ rocks.  It's so sweet and good.  It's like meat candy.

I drank gallons of tea.  As my co-worker said at dim sum one day, "You drink a lot of tea for a Westerner."  Since, I loved the food he considers me honorary Chinese. 

Packing for 3 weeks-with work.
I have packed for a week away no problem.  But this is 3 weeks with working everyday.  Working everyday in not so business causal as I am used to.  The funny thing is even though we are business casual, people comment a lot that I dress up all the time.  Some days I am pretty casual but I guess it’s still more dressed up than the jean and t-shirt crowd that dominates.   I of course don’t feel that what I wear is businessy enough and is more like Ruthie playing fashion plates with her wardrobe. 
I think I will stick to dark colors until I get a feel for whether I will look like a complete ass in a pink jacket.  No khakis.  I think I have one pair, sort of, and they aren’t making the cut.  So needless to say the last few weeks have been trial runs for my clothes.  They are auditioning for a spot in the suitcase.  Today’s pants make the cut.  But they need a better belt. 

I underestimated the shopping.  It was just so inexpensive, I'd be stupid not to have shopped.  And it was so fun.  Shopping is sport, that involves bargaining.  And I loved bargaining. 

The dress code working in Kowloon was in no way dressy.  My office was in Kwun Tong which is an old factory area of Kowloon.  So no fancy offices, mostly warehouses and car repair shops.  People dressed business casual.  Pretty much like here.  Of course all the women are tiny and I stood a whole head over most of them. So they can get away with tights and a tunic and not look bad. 

My picks for HK worked out well.  I did jettison a bit on my trip for Christmas. But found layers to be a key to staying warm in the very cool Janauary that I was blamed for bringing them.  My Gucci trench proved to be the best purchase ever at Filene's (RIP).  And having laundry service in the hotel was the best thing ever.  I loved having staff. 

Home away from Home
I will be living in the Sheraton in Kowloon. I am pretty stoked about the location. Easy, but not close to work.  Good for shopping and site seeing.  I will have a harbor view so I can watch the light show everyday night that I don’t go awandering. 

The Sheraton was a good location.  Between two very good MTR stations I could get anywhere with ease.  Great view of the harbour.  Very comfortable bed.  I can't complain.  Nathan Road got old living on it.  By the end I would play a game if I could make it to Kowloon Park without a tout speaking anything to me.  No ladies handbag or tailor for me.  Sunglasses, a NYC pace, and serious look usually got them to let me pass.
I watched the light show exactly once.  I usually had a lot to see and do each evening.  It's cool, but once you've seen it...

I did not ride the Star Ferry.  I know.  Two months there and nary a ferry.  I am saving that for the next trip. ;-)

I love being a tourist.  Not the derogatory tourist version of the gweilo, but just not being at home.  I love airports, exploring, taking pictures.  So on my weekends I have quite a list of things to do and see.

  • Victoria Peak on a sunny day.
  • Take a ride in a junk.
  • Go visit the big Buddha.
  • Take a hike.
  • Sit on a beach.
  • Check out the gardens and the flower market.  I hope I don’t have to smuggle home a specimen.  

I did Victoria Peak on a cold sunny day after D arrived at the end.  It beautiful.  Go late in the day to see it at night too.  Good place for a sunset as well.  Surprising the mall at Victoria Peak was not a tourist tchotche haven.  They actually have a few local artist shops in there.  So if you are looking to buy HK Etsystyle this a place to hit.

No junk ride.  Saving that one. 

Big Buddha.  Check!  Fantastic day trip.  Good outlet mall on the way too.

Hike.  I did hike.  All over HK.  But I did get out to nature with my coworkers. We took a ferry to the Northern Territories and hiked around an old Hakka village, Lai Chi Wo, and also a small fishing village on Kat O.  I love that a huge bustling metropolis has a ton of natural areas surrounding it and lots of parks and green space. 

Sit on a Beach....hmm.  I did go to Stanley.  There's kind of a beach there.  I guess that counts.

I have managed to make myself home sick.  I really miss it there.  :-(

Friday, October 19, 2012

Beauty Army

Found this photo of on of the Beauty Army boxes I recevied.  I loved BA.  Big samples and you got to choose up to 6 for only $12.  Unfortunately the samples after a few months stopped being anything I wanted to try.  I figure when I get low again I might sign up. 
I'll have to do a post on some of the samples that I really loved.  

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Birch box may.

Wow, this blog is so out of date.  Sorry.  I really need to put more effort in to it.  Well, if I get downsized next month, I'll have plenty of time on my hands.
Found this photo of my May Birchbox.  This was a good one.  I can't find the card with all the info but the Kerastase stuff made my hair feel great.  I might have to cave and buy some of that when I need shampoo again. 
Some of my last few BBes have been just ok.  With the impending doom approaching, I had to cancel it, along with Jewelmint, Stylemint, and Beauty Army.  I think this month might be my last Maven box from Julep too. 
Le sigh...resume to be posted soon. 

Monday, April 16, 2012

Sparkly Cirrhosis

Looks more yellow than it is, but I am taking these with my iPhone.  Not trying to be a polish blogger, just documenting.  The overall color is much more mustard with a mostly green micro glitter. 

Sally Hansen--Forsythia with Serious Skin Care-Cheers over it.  

I think Forsythia was a spring color from last year or the year before.  Not sure where I got a Serious Skin Care polish.  I think a friend gave it to me. 
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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Maven Myster Box---Spring

Not usually a fan of mystery boxes but lately I have been taking a chance since I see people post all sorts of awesome stuff.  I have bought 2 Jewelmint boxes and the first was just ok and the second sucked, so I am going to swear off those I think.  This was my first Julep box.  I looked on a few sites before buying a mystery box from them and it seemed people got a small motherload in their boxes. 
For only $20 you were guaranteed at least $60 in product.  My arrived today and I am pretty pleased with the amount,the colours, maybe not to so much.
Run down:
  • 3 polish colors: 
  • Melissa, shown again below because the picture didn't do it justice.  Weird probably sheer greenish duochrome.  Probably pretty over something else.
  • Hayden---very peachy creme.  I don't have anything like this.  I wouldn't normally buy this color but I'll give it a try.
  • Helena---very bright magenta.  Maybe summer pedicure material. I am not sure about it. 
Also got:
  • Fast dry top coat (love fast dry top coats!!!) very happy with this.
  • Cuticle oil.  Should use more than I do.  Happy about this as well.
  • Nail file.  Forgot to show the nail file. 
  • Candy.  Cheap chocolates. 
All in all, not bad. 
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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Julep Maven April

I have been a Julep Maven for several months now but haven't blogged their boxes.  So this month I bought 2 so I thought I'd share.
Julep is a monthly nail polish box that usually includes 2 polishes and 2 other items.  Since Juleps polishes are smaller than a typical bottle and are $14 each, the $20 monthly box is the only way I can rationalize them. 
They do the style quiz and you get a assigned a style but each month you get to keep or trade it in for a different box if you don't like what's in your box.  You get to see what's coming in each box so you are guaranteed to get something you like.  If not you can skip.
I switched styles this month and bouaght another since I had a coupon from another month where they had to short my box a color due to supply issues.  So the pairs are from the two different boxes.  I got the toe separators and the pedi creme in both boxes, so I have 2 of those.  I can spread my toes (like an alien my husband says) so I never use those toe things. 
I love foot creams and use them a lot so I am happy to have more.  It has a cucumber mint fragrance that I love.  Makes me want to eat it. (Don't.) but it smells great.  Is it the best pedi creme ever? I don't know yet.  I've only used it a few times so far.  Will let all 13 blog readers know.  
Polish colors L to R:  Molly, Alyson, Eva, Renee
If you decide to try it use the link above.  After 2 people join I get a free month. 

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Friday, April 13, 2012

April Birchbox


Got my April birchbox yesterday.  It's a pretty good box this month. 
Here's the rundown:
  • Wonderstruck (Taylor Swift) sample.  I don't really have anything against the fragrance.  It's just ok.  Not very unique or strong.  It's probably the Electric Youth of today.
  • A fullsize tarte LipSurgence lip tint.  The color is Joy.  Looks very peachy orange in the tube, went on really orange but it seems to be one of those chameoleon color that changes.  It changed to a much better peach pink in a few.  I look forward to trying this one.
  • Yu-Be Moisturizing Cream.  This is a company from Japan and it supposed to be super concentrated for extreme dryness.  I can always use something like this.
  • Marula The Leakey Collection Omega Rich Marula Oil.  This sample seemed to have leaked (funny it's from the leakey collection).  It seems to be only 1/2 full.  Extract from the East African Marula fruit with lots of antioxidants to fight aging. 
  • MicrodermaMitt.  This is a mit that is shown with all the products sitting on it.  This is really nice.  It's a silk exfoliating mitt.  This will be great for travel. 
Every month now these little boxes arrive and now D wants a guy birchbox.  Do they make one?  I have to find if they have a guy version. 

Between this, Beauty Army, Julep, and jewelmint I need to stop joing monthly clubs.  But I love getting mail.   Posted by Picasa